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Microfiber Cloth 200gsm

R13.12 (INCL. VAT)
Professional Commercial grade Microfiber for cleaning, dusting or polishing any hard surface. Microfiber has a 25% greater debris pickup than
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Thin Green Hand Pad – Large

R5.45 (INCL. VAT)
Scouring Pad makes fast work of heavy duty cleaning jobs. Its tough fibers and abrasives clean grills and ovens, remove
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42L Blue Deluxe Flat Mop Wringer

R840.63 (INCL. VAT)
Professional Commercial Grade Flat Mop Wringer and 42 L Bucket with Separator Designed for use with flat pocket mops up
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59L Deluxe Double Round Mop Wringer Trolley

R1,566.88 (INCL. VAT)
Professional Commercial grade Round Mop Wringer with Multi Bucket System Fixed base Trolley design with multi-bucket that can all be
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